Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekly Challenge ~ SUNSET ~ or Pensive

Oh Goodness that abstract challenge was fun. We will do another this summer when we can really be outside!! To honor our change to daylight savings time, this weeks challenge is >>>>>
Pensive  Literally, thoughtful; employed in serious study or reflection; but it often implies some degree of sorrow, anxiety, depression or gloom of mind; thoughtful and sad, or sorrowful.

Rules: you can submit one using sunset or pensive, you can submit one image that uses both words for inspiration in the same image, or ONE for each word equally two images :P blah that was a little confusing.
Sunset in FULL COLOR only

And use all your editing skills on this one :) lots of contrast and lots of saturated color, textures if you know how!! All the photos above were of the same sunset. Here are few tips for sunset>>>> your horizon line should never be down the center of the picture, review the rule of thirds, but don't feel that they have to run exactly at those third lines just not CENTER. Set your ISO, then your Fstop anywhere from f3-f10 or greater, then play with your shutter speeds, to get a silhouette look like the last image I used a faster shutter speed to let in less light. And have fun in the fresh air!!!

Pensive in Black and white only!!! and must include a living thing, human or animal.


  1. HMMMMM...pondering what my pensive image will be! seems to be some fluffy clouds this evening too so maybe I will get a shiny sunset :)

  2. Are you doing the weekly challenge yourself - or following someone else?