Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photos of the WEEK>>>Week one of Online Lighting Class

Last weeks class covered three types of stable light, doorway light, deep shade, and tree shade light. I was so impressed with the work the ladies did in the class. Each new post was exciting and impressive. Here are the honorable mentions for the week>>>
Love this little guys expression and pose, and I love that Laura looked for the light she wanted.

I love the how the dramatic lighting adds to the mood of the elegant ballerina, and how the floor supports the composition.
Oh goodness this little boy is so cute and the pose and composition are GRRREAT. I love the bright even light Jessica found in this location.
The way the light works to accentuate the textures in this image is just lovely. Her pose and toes bring it all together.
The light and clarity of this image make it a winner! Then add to it that soft expression and that bend created by his arm and I am just taken!!! Congrats Betsey and all the featured photos of the week. These photos will go into the final contest at the end of the class!! You guys are AWESOME keep up the good work!!!
Sweetness and Light,

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