Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Weekend!!

Saturday was the kinda of spring day that, in the darkness of February, you think will never come!! The weather was perfect. We spend our time soaking in the vitamin D and getting sunburns. I was so thankful. Even before the weekend started there were so much visual {and otherwise} goodness to absorb. Thursday night we has the most vibrant rainbow arc over the blessed life ranch, the sky was violet, air was golden.
Friday started with a frenzy of activity to get ready for my evening class. By mid-day the vet was here to give the horse their yearly shots, and overall check, and our gelding had to have a "personal" cleaning, and he had to be sadated for that...he was very pathetic for about 3 hours. His head hanging low and legs splayed out to keep his balance. But now they are all ready for the summer of busy riding ahead!! I had a wonderful group of ladies come out for a photog class. It was a lovely time and we all took a crack at creating an image of this pretty green mum.

Saturday started with kite flying. The girls were so excited to see their kites fly high high in the sky....there is something magically about it.
These guys were hanging around the ranch until about 12:30, since when did prom activites start at 1PM? Well I guess if your going to get all dressed up it might as well be for the whole day.
We rode our horses for awhile after lunch. I have no pics of that because I was helping adjust sirrups and and riding. It was so much fun and Fiona was a very good girl!! Ray said he thinks we will keep her. Then off to Home Depot because when we came in to wash our hands...NO hot water, our water heater died.

Then we caught up with the boys to get a few clicks with their very pretty prom dates!!!
Our time in town was topped off with a trip to Cold Stone...mmmmm good!! Then home to put in the new water heater. Yeah, I didn't really help with that, but I do help use up the hot water :)

Mother's Day included steaks on the grill and an ice cream cake, sweet cards and time with all of us together before Charlie had to head back to Bismarck.
Her children rise up and bless her
This was a weekend that made my heart well up with thankfulness and joy for the family God has lovingly given me. Sweetness and Light that is my blessed life!!!

{and for you photog peeps this last picture has some issues :) yes?? my Fstop was too low so I didn't get eveyone in focus but I had to keep this one, sometimes the moment is more important than technical perfection}

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  1. very nice Aimee, great weekend, great post. lovely photos as usual!!